Royal & Select Masters


Chartered December 3, 1946









Harold J. “Hal” Smith

Thrice Illustrious Master




Arthur Souza, Jr.





Mailing Address

P.O. Box 263430

Houston, Texas 77207-3430




Stated Assemblies are held on the Third Friday

of each month at 7:00 pm

Covered Dish Dinner at 6:30 pm




Meeting Location

Sam Houston Masonic Library and Museum

6820 Tipperary at Morley

Houston, Texas




Cryptic District No. 8

Most Illustrious Grand Council

of Royal and Select Masters of Texas




You can contact the Secretary/Recorder of

Park Place York Rite Bodies at




Dues & Fees for Park Place Council


Dues - $45.00 per year


Degree Fees - $50.00


You may pay your dues online by selecting the link below










Goals for 2018-2019


1.  Improve participation by improved contact about events and every companion inviting companions to Chapter/Council Events.

2.  Confer the degrees twice at our home Chapter/Council.

3.  Complete the Chapter/Council business by 9PM.

4.  Conduct a fund raiser on behalf of the TMRC and raise a lot more than the Zerubbabel minimum.









Officers 2018 – 2019


Thrice Illustrious Master

Harold J. “Hal” Smith

Right Illustrious Deputy Master

Michael D. Phillipus

Illustrious Principal Conductor of the Work

Christopher J. Little


Jack T. Peebles


Arthur Souza, Jr.


J. Don Little

Captain of the Guards

Kenneth R. Potthoff

Conductor of the Council

Edward C. Peebles


Thomas C. Whipple


William Groth







Past Presiding Officers - Chapter & Council



Calendar of Events






Refreshment Committee



Committee Appointments for 2018-2019








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